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Kylie Heenan | B.Soc.Sc., M.Couns. is a professional counsellor, relationship therapist, writer and creator of Reconstructive Therapy – Deepen Connection, Live Authentically.

Kylie works with individuals and couples in a collaborative, strengths-based way that invites awareness, understanding and reflection.

Identifying with the multi-potentialite community, Kylie has also adopted the roles of primary-school tutor, raw food instructor, organic retailer, artist, musician, research assistant, student, animal welfare activist, world traveller, partner and parent (usually juggling multiples of these at once).  She also loves hiking in stunning locations, taking photos, and her two adorable cats (they are actually the cutest cats in the world)…


Why did you choose to become a counselling professional?

Life has given me a broad range of experiences, some hearty challenges, and a passion for helping others to express the best version of themselves.  Working within a social constructionist framework, I adopt the approach that we play out a reality rooted in ideas and beliefs known as ‘constructs.’ They are initially passed on ‘socially,’ by our early caregivers, our educators, our peers, and our wider community (including media). Hence, we have been ‘socially constructed.’

These ideas and beliefs about the world and about ourselves become reinforced by our experiences and choices.  Our everyday language is how we interpret and make sense of our reality, so the conversations we have with others and in our heads continue to become our reality.

I like to host conversations that invite a broadening of perspectives, and the possibility of other ways of experiencing the world and your relationships.  I bring to our collaborative work a deep compassion, non-judgement, and the utmost faith in your capacity to expand your awareness, to take new perspectives, and to decide what works best for you.


Why do you love to work with couples?

We are all too aware of the high rate of separation in our culture.  Whilst separation is a choice I support if that’s what is decided (and we can work towards your desired outcomes if this is the case), I meet many people who feel that their relationship could have survived and thrived if they had been able to sustain a deeper connection and to resolve their difficulties.

I work with couples to facilitate conversations that increase understanding, improve communication, and move towards the common relationship goals.  I have enjoyed seeing couples reconnect in love, share excitement about their future together, and reignite passion in the relationship.


Personal tidbits and things people might not know about me…

I have lived in many places (literally from beach to mountain; north to Cairns, south to the Dandenong Ranges).  At this point in life, I feel drawn to the sea, but want access to culture.  Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland is an awesome place to live.

I am an introvert who is very good at appearing extroverted.  [Read: when I’m not working or socialising, I like the sound of silence.]

My great uncle Bill was the incredibly talented artist William Ricketts and I highly recommend a visit to his wildlife and sculpture sanctuary if you want to see where pure talent married a deep love and respect for indigenous Australians.

I am in awe of the beauty our planet exudes.  I have seen some incredible places, including stunning Greek islands, Swiss alps, New Zealand’s thermal & mud pools, and Australia’s own Great Barrier Reef.  Please look after our planet.  (And doesn’t Australia have the most amazing birds and birdsongs?  It’s what I miss most whenever I leave.)

I like books – real paper ones preferably.  And coffee in the morning – real organic, fair trade coffee from fresh beans.

I am a bit of a grammar pedant. Current pet peeve is the insidious use of apostrophes everywhere.

I think one of the coolest bands in the world is Thievery Corporation – they just chillax my soul.

I think ultimate health and happiness is holistic – body, mind and spirit. Eat real food, mostly vegetables, organic where you can. Drink mineralised water. Take deeper breaths. Think the best thoughts you can summon each day. Say things that help others feel good too. Read nourishing books. Listen to soul-stirring music. Make time for laughter and leisure. Get off your computer and social media. Get involved. Step outside and get sunlight on your skin. Grow a garden. Walk in nature. Stretch. Give gratitude for something every day, however small. Let go of what you can’t change; change what you can. (You get the drift.)

I look forward to working with you – in person, via video conference, and through my writing – as you * Deepen Connection and Live Authentically. *


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