Let’s work together

COUNSELLING for Individuals and Couples

Unlike some forms of therapy which pathologise you or your relationships, we work collaboratively to identify your strengths, determine your goals, and plan your course of action.

Through transformative conversations that nurture and inspire, you develop skills that enhance your relationships, deepen connection with others, and move you in the direction that aligns with your preferred way of being and living.

The first step is to take the first step and make the call…


Please call or text 0408 880 208 to book a time for individual or couple consultations in Scarborough, Queensland.

You can also email me at journeys@live.com.au if that works best for you. Questions about our work together are always welcome.

Payment (cash only) is required at the time of consultation, or in advance via bank deposit.

Consultation fees are as follows:

Individual counselling (1 person) $90 per session / 1 hr

Relationship counselling (2 people) $120 per session / 1 – 1.25 hrs 

Families – please make contact to have a chat about who you’d like to attend and the purpose, to ascertain suitability for family counselling.

Workshops and Courses – check the Products page.


Please email me at  journeys@live.com.au to discuss a video consultation from anywhere.

Payment is required prior to the appointment date.


Please email me at  journeys@live.com.au to discuss your forthcoming event and what you’d like me to present on.

Please provide as much detail about your event as possible, including the name, themes, other presenters.


Paradigm Shift Summit 2017: Reloaded.  See my presentation here.


You can follow posts and leave comments on my facebook page.

I look forward to working with you, as you Deepen Connection and Live Authentically.

Invest in yourself and your relationships.  The only time is now.

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  1. I would like to know the cost please of both an individual session and a couples session

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